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Built responsibly and managed efficiently, The Stiles Enterprise Plaza sets the benchmark for contemporary office environments, harnessing the latest technology and practices in architecture, construction, and structural administration. Realizing a sustainable, fluid, and fully effective place of business—welcome to Innovative Workscapes.

The Stiles Enterprise Plaza is known to give new meaning to professional and workspace environment. In order to achieve that, the developers at Alveo Land have incorporated a wide array of features and amenities that are of world-class in quality. Alveo Land’s commitment to innovation is evident in the top-notch facilities that bring style and convenience in the way you do business from here on out.

It starts with the basic modern building features that you would expect from any modern facility, especially one that is developed by Ayala Land. The building has its own control and monitoring centers for a wide range of features such as the air conditioning and ventilating system, the electrical system (especially the backup power for the entire building), and the plumbing equipment. The control and monitoring are available for individual units and common areas.

When it comes to security, the amenities available at The Stiles Enterprise Plaza are up to par with the most modern facilities in the world. There are CCTV cameras installed in common areas, elevator, main entrance and the lobby area. When it comes to fire protection, there are 2 fire exits on each floor and all units are equipped with its own fire alarm or smoke detection units. The common areas are built with an automatic fire sprinkler system, too.

For the tree-hugger in you, the fact that this office condominium is LEED certified should be a good sign. The common areas utilize only LED lighting systems. Meanwhile, the design of the building is formulated as such to maximize use of natural light sources. The building also has its own green landscaped deck at the 10th floor. This provides a green abode in a modern high-rise building, which is a great spot to rest and relax while enjoying the view of the Makati skyline.

Since this building is designed for office use, telecoms and broadband capacity are important. Currently, there are 2 major telecommunications providers available at the building – Globe and PLDT. There is also a provision for 1 additional telecom provider so that the investors will have the opportunity to use a telecom service provider that fits into their needs.

  • LEED certification
  • LED lighting for common areas
  • Dual-flush toilets in common restrooms
  • Low-flow valves in common restrooms
  • Maximized natural lighting
  • Green landscaping features in the 10th floor and rooftops
  • 100% back-up power
  • Provision for an executive toilet
  • Telecoms and broadband
  • Fire detection and alarm system
  • Air-conditioning system
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In addition to the facilities and amenities mentioned above, there are various support facilities available for all who are occupying the building. One example is the designated drop off area on separate elevator lobbies. Speaking of elevators, there are 15 of them that are available for use in this building. There are 6 elevators each on the high and low zones, 2 parking elevators and 1 elevator for use by the maintenance staff. The ground floor is also where the Business Center is located. It is the ideal venue for professional meetings and business conferences within the office condominium. On the 10th floor, there are retail shops and a landscaped deck.

The list of amenities available at The Stiles Enterprise Plaza combines the right balance between business, entertainment and leisure. Everything you could ever need to do business is right here without compromising on comfort or leisure.

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